“I am okay with my husband marrying 4 wives!” Queen Darleen

Image: Queen Darleen married the love of her life in December 2019.

WCB female artist Queen Darleen is not happy  in her new marriage. Don’t get me wrong, the lady loves her husband and so does he but the problem comes in when women DM Darleen’s husband.

Queen Darleen delightedly weds the love of her life

Thanks do a video circulating on social media we understand the Queen Darleen already knows the ladies chasing her husband. Queen Darleen went on to reveal that if they did not stop, she would be forced to share screenshots on her Instagram page.

This comes barely two months after she walked down with Isihack Mtoro as his second wife. So far their relationship has been a bed of roses until these alleged women started sending him nudes too.

Queen Darleen’s husband with his first wife

 When I started posting my husband on social media, people started DMing him. So my advice is, if you have to inbox him, please stop sending nude photos.

Isihack marrying 4 wives

The singer went on to add that she would not have any issue with the women if Isihack decided to add 2 more legal wives.

Well according to Darleen this would be the right thing to do since Islam allows men to have 4 wives; therefore if he felt the urge to add to extra wives then it would be fine. However she will not be entertaining social media side chicks to come into her home and seduce her man. She concluded by adding;

I go through his DM and I reply them. They are so stubborn but if he wants he can marry even four wives.

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