“I am single and ready to mingle!” Pastor Kanyari reveals

Pastor Kanyari recently called out his ex, singer Betty Bayo for mentioning her on his interviews despite their break up.

According to the city pastor, mentioning him or portraying him in the worst way will not make him get back with her; mostly because that chapter of their life is now closed.

Speaking during a recent interview, Kanyari also mentioned that he has been coparenting with Betty; and so far their relationship as parents has been improving! When asked whether he will was the ex said to have physically abused Betty Bayo, the pastor responded by saying;

Pastor Kanyari and Betty Bayo

I never hit her when we were together. The fact remains we separated. I never touched her. One day I came home angry and hit a picture on the wall but I never fought her. She can even testify to that.

Single and ready to mingle

Well now that his marriage to the singer is over and done with; Pastor Kanyari has mentioned his intentions on getting a new partner now that he is single and searching!

As you know, the pastor likes mature women who can make money with him; therefore excluding all slay queens thinking of ‘securing the bag’ for a better future!

Kanyari single and ready to mingle

This is a journey and the spirit of getting married has not entered me but when it does, I will think about it. I am still single and ready to mingle.

His young singer Starlet on the other continues to enjoy life at its finest; and rumor has it that the young lass involved with a rich fella who gifted her with a mansion at her tender age.

Starlet is also known to step out wearing the tiniest linens; and if you thought being a pastor’s daughter would stop her from flaunting what her mama gave her – then you are in for a surprise.

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