‘I Can Lock You Up In An Hour Glass’- Amber Ray Threatens Andrew Kibe With Witchcraft

Andrew Kibe is feeling the wrath of Amber Ray after he spewed mocking sentiments about the socialite.

According to Kibe, Amber Ray intentionally got pregnant for Kennedy Rapudo because of his wealth just to trap him. The two have been together for a few months, although they were in an on & off relationship.

Andrew Kibe went ahead to fault Amber for how she up brings her son claiming that she is making him grow soft.

“She’s now flaunting that pregnancy everywhere, with that ka-weak boy of hers, this ka boy is going to grow up very soft” Kibe claimed.

Amber was immensely angered by Kibe involving her family and this is what expedited her imminent response.

In response to this, Amber wrote a detailed diss at the YouTuber; and even threatened to perform some voodoo magic on him.

“Unlike your ex-girlfriends, you will never know what it means to be blessed unless you find a way to break up with yourself. If you know me well, I’m sure you know I can lock you up in an hourglass with your pants off,”  The socialite warned.

Amber further referred to him as a 50-year-old who had all opportunities to give up but hasn’t yet for lack of clear vision and being broke alleging that Kibe has a debt of 2.5 million that has not been paid for about 7 years.

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