“I don’t know Jowie but the Holy Spirit told me to love and care for him,” Jowie’s wife Ella makes strange revelation (Video)

The tale about how Jowie Irungu met his wife, Eleanor Musangi Ndambo is one we have never been told about but the details of it are both shocking and one of a kind.

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More often than not, a couple would first have to be friends and get to know each other before moving any further. However, there are rare cases and a good example is that between professional model, Ella and Jowie Irungu.

Jowie Irungu with his wife, Ella

During a recent interview with a local publication, the petite beauty who introduced herself as ‘a servant of God’ revealed they met through divine intervention when he was actually getting convicted for the controversial Monica Kimani murder.

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How they met

Surprisingly, Ella clarified that when she met Jowie, he was a single man, facing the harsh side of the Law and something told her, she needs to love this man and care for him – a man she had never met nor even known about.

I don’t know Jowi that much. I met Jowie through a divine intervention when all this whole saga was happening, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and told me, to love that man and care for him. I was praying for Jowie while behind bars and I was more than overjoyed when my prayers were answered when he came out.

Jowie Irungu and wife Ella reportedly met through divine intervention

The Jacque Maribe confusion aside, Ella revealed she has met Jowie’s family and vice versa, and have since been deep in love and pray together a lot. Together, they are spiritual partners who not even man can put asunder.

He’s always been faithful all through and he’s very honest and transparent. When we met, he was not entangled to anyone, he was a single man. We both approached each other, my family accepted him and God is the foundation of our love.

Lovebirds, Jowie Irungu and Ella

Message to her critics

For a dear Ella, anyone who would wish to criticize her or come at her, then they better beware they are fighting God and digging their own grave clarifying that her husband is now at peace and she strongly believes that he will forever be free.

It broke my heart that the man I love was behind bars. But when he says he has peace, he is truly contented. I know this is my man for life and our relationship is not made from this world and that’s why I speak with courage.

Have a listen to the intriguing interview courtesy of Tuko.

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