I enjoy slender dudes. – Sandra Dacha

Image: Renowned actress, Silprosa aka Sandra Dacha

Content creator Sandra Dacha recently shared her preference for dating slim men during an interview with Dr. Ofweneke on TV47. She expressed her reluctance to date plus-size men, citing concerns about compatibility.

“I could never. If I have a big stomach and you also have a big stomach, where will we go?” she quipped, highlighting her preference for slimmer partners.

Dacha elaborated on her ideal physical attributes, stating, “I prefer them slim, dark, tall, and not overly handsome.” She emphasized her preference for slimness but downplayed the importance of traditional attractiveness.

Furthermore, Dacha humorously questioned the practicality of dating a handsome man, asking, “Where would I take you if you’re already handsome?” implying a preference for less conventionally attractive partners.

Rumors suggest that Dacha may be romantically involved with comedian Akuku Danger, who reportedly matches her preferred physical attributes.

Additionally, there are scientific reasons why some women may prefer slim men, including their tendency to live longer, maintain healthier habits, and exhibit greater self-assurance. Their physique, characterized by the perfect amount of muscle, may also contribute to their appeal to some individuals.

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