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“I knew things were not okay. I screamed,” Milly opens up on carrying dead foetus for 7 weeks 

July 12, 2019 at 11:21
"I knew things were not okay. I screamed," Milly opens up on carrying dead foetus for 7 weeks 

Terence creative’s wife Milly Chebby has shared how she lost her baby at week 13 of her pregnancy in 2017 leaving her life devastated in the process.

Milly, in her Vlog, said that she had been carrying her baby for seven months after five years of dating when she learnt that the baby had died.

She however never suspected all that because earlier in her pregnancy, the baby was doing fine.

“The Bay was okay… I was so excited and given medicine to protect the baby. I was told it was normal to spot, ” said Milly.

“So she told me kuwa amespot and what I knew ni kuwa demu hafai kuspot kama ako na ball its dangerous. We went to hospital this was the first time we were being introduced to the scanning machine. She was told not to partake or carry heavy things until the baby is well seated in the womb, as the first trimester is very risky,” Terence said.

13 weeks

Things changed as days went by and by the time she was hitting 13 weeks there was no other option than terminating the pregnancy.

“We went to the hospital to get checked but the guy kept on repeating the procedure. Then he told me the pregnancy was smaller than 13 weeks. Looking at my friend and my sister who were in the same room with and how they were trying to balance their tears and I knew things were not okay. I screamed. So I’m told the baby died at 7 weeks three days. So basically I was carrying a dead baby for roughly another 7 weeks because I was at week 13 seven days,” said Milly.


“They said we have to do evacuation. We asked the Hospital how much it will cost and they tell us some crazy figures. We opted to go to another hospital not even to do the evacuation but my wife was still in denial. We said lets go to another hospital to confirm if what this hospital is saying is the truth. We went to another hospital did the scan still there was no heartbeat. The result were the same” narrated Terence Creative.


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