“I made a mistake,” TV director Phil Karanja on offering to sell Kate Actress’s BMW X3 as a “push gift”

Image: Catherine Kamau with husband, Phil Karanja

Renowned actor and film director Philip Karanja recently revealed that he sold the black BMW X3 he had gifted his wife, Catherine Kamau, also known as Kate Actress, in January 2020. The car, valued at approximately Sh 3.5 million, was sold due to its high maintenance costs, as Philip disclosed in an interview with Nairobi News.

Expressing regret over his decision to purchase the luxury vehicle, Philip stated:

“I love cars a lot, and so I was young and foolish, and I spent so much on my car, and it has been a very expensive journey to maintain. I am like, that is a car I would have used wisely somewhere. I sold it. I have decided to go back on Uber.”

This revelation came during the launch of his latest show, “Haki Mwitu.”

The actor-director shared that “Haki Mwitu” revolves around four vigilantes who, fed up with rampant corruption, take matters into their own hands. The show, which began production in 2023 and is still ongoing, aims to address societal issues through its narrative.

Interestingly, Philip shared an image with the BMW X3 just a day before announcing his separation from Kate Actress in September 2023. The image featured Philip standing beside the sleek vehicle he had gifted Kate for her birthday in January 2020.

Kate Actress celebrated the luxurious gift on her social media, expressing gratitude for the reward.

“Every push has been rewarded,” she captioned a video showcasing her new ride, with another post quoting, “God says try me! Do your part!”

During the interview, Philip also discussed his production company’s plans for the year.

“We started working on the project in 2023 and began shooting in November 2023, and we are still shooting. Phil Production also has a new series in the pipeline, and we plan to release a new film this year. There’s a lot to watch out for,” he added, promising an exciting lineup for fans in the upcoming months.

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