“I was whipped back to line” Yvette Obura recalls elder brother’s beatings when she tried piercings aged 17

We all have our cravings the minute teenage-hood clocks in and it gets us doing lots of things, some we might laugh off in future, others we might be proud of.

Gospel singer, Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura saw her adolescence compel her to have a couple of piercings just to look the ‘time’.

On social media, she revealed to fans how soon after adolescence hit, she got a Tupac piercing and another one, at barely 17 years of age.

Got this Tupac piercing and the second one the same day when I was 17 ????.

Yvette Obura

Citing how psyched up she was to try everything possible.

I think hapo ndio nilikua na adolescence because I wanted to try out everything I could ever think of.

However, woe unto her because her elder brother was not going to sit and watch his dear sister get swayed into societal pressures.

But the beating my brother Obura Patman would give me nilitulia by force.

Mother of one, Yvette Obura

A fan easily narrated her similar experience but her mum wasn’t going to allow any of it.

Weeh ???????? I remember I did my Tupac na ya pili na tatu on the same day. And the next day am going to school sema kuambiwa nitoa na mum ????????. At the same time staki izibike ????. Inaitwa girl child struggle but eventually zilipona.

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