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”I Will Not Be Humble With My Videos” Betty Kyallo Slams Haters Criticizing Her Dancing Skills

March 30, 2021 at 15:18
''I Will Not Be Humble With My Videos'' Betty Kyallo Slams Haters Criticizing Her Dancing Skills

Being a celebrity requires great tolerance and strong character. Haters will be all over you whenever you post something or achieve something great. It’s normal to have such people. On the positive side, you have to prove them wrong and this pushes you to do even greater things.

Betty Kyallo has without a doubt been one of the people who have been talked about over the years. She opened up about a certain period when she was being shamed by several people; mostly because of her failed marriage and whatnot. She however recovered from the obnoxious comments and decided to live her life.

I Won’t Be Humble-Betty

Betty Kyallo-IG

Kyallo’s prowess in shutting down her haters is a promiscuous one. 32 year old Betty doesn’t seem to care about what some of her fans think about her and her dancing skills.  On her Instagram she told her haters,

”For all these people who think they will comment on my videos and say, oh, my gosh, you can’t even dance. Well, put your videos online as you’re dancing. Actually, I don’t care. I just remembered. If I’m having a good time, if I’m feeling great about myself, if I feel I’m beautiful, if I feel I’m sexy, just leave me alone.

I will not remove my videos, I will not edit my videos, I will not be humble with my videos. I will dance the way I know… And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Honestly, everyone should mind their business. If you want to dance, just dance. Not everyone knows how to dance anyway.


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