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Ibraah Tz the savior of authentic Bongo music

August 20, 2021 at 18:53
Ibraah Tz the savior of authentic Bongo music

There’s nothing that captures an East African’s heart than good Bongo Music. It’s soothing, entertaining and above all, speaks to the heart in ways – I cannot put in just simple words.

So far, thanks to the likes of Alikiba we have had the chance to listen to Mshumaa; Diamond Platnumz ntampata wapi; not forgetting Harmonize’s Nishachoka; which are just examples of heartfelt compositions that will forever remain among top songs in East Africa!

However as time is changing, we cannot ignore the fact that the new millennium artists are taking over; but the sad part is that – most of their songs don’t make sense at least to 70,80,90’s kids. I mean, who wants to listen to songs about big assets and mammary glands!

Ibraah to the rescue with angelic vocals

Although many claim that Bongo music is associated with Tanzanians; truth is Bongo represents the Eastern African community through Swahili which units us all.

Konde Boys Ibraah

With this said, allow me to talk about Ibraah Tz; a talent that is slowly catching our attention with his angelic vocals and well composed music. The young man aged 22 years, has so far released at least 7 songs which all have above 1 million views.

Asking how?

Bongo music singer signed under Konde Boy

Well, unlike other artists – I have noticed; and so have millions of other fans that Ibraah brings something unique to the table; and yes, we want him to keep serving the good music – which we clearly can’t seem to get from the our old Bongo super stars.

If you doubt his skills, then checkout some of his projects shared on his YouTube; to confirm that Ibraah is just what we East Africans have been praying for.


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