If I say that music has helped me be here, I’ll be lying – Khaligraph Jones explains

Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones has risen to the ranks of fame and might not be leaving any time soon if his music presence is anything to go by.

However there are the pros and cons of everything one eventually embarks on.

The Kayole-bred rapper clarifies, that despite having thrived so much in the lucrative industry of music, it is not the music, rather the hard work that has seen him through.

The thing is to motivate people. In Kenyan hip hop, no one has ever been nominated for things like those and to top it all, win. It was something that was done by people all over Africa. I was the only hip hop artiste from our country. If I say that music has helped me be here, I’ll be lying. I have pushed myself. I am from the ghetto…There are others who have been in this game for long and haven’t accomplished what I have been able to do.


Rap Cypher

The self-proclaimed International rapper, recently released his Khali Cartel 3 rap cypher, something he has no regrets on.

Speaking in regard to the currently trending ‘Khali Cartel 3’ that featured Bey T, Rekless, Breeder Lw, Chiwawa and Silverstone, he shares:

It was nice working with all of them. As long as you are a rapper, it is always easy for them to get into the studio and do something big. Everyone wrote their own lyrics. I just gave an arrangement to the song. They followed the direction and the song was done.



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