‘If You Can’t Afford To Buy Me A House In Runda, Just Leave Me Alone’-Nicah the Queen Tells Men Hitting On Her

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen has made a bold statement, declaring that she is not interested in traditional romantic gestures like love letters and flowers. Instead, she seeks tangible expressions of love, specifically a luxurious house in the affluent Runda estate.

Responding to a vague reference made by fellow musician Weezdom, Nicah laid down the challenge, emphasizing that potential suitors must be financially capable of providing her with a Runda residence.

“If a man can’t afford to buy me a house in Runda, he should just leave me alone. No hard feelings,” Nicah declared in a direct message to Weezdom.

This statement comes shortly after Nicah’s public announcement of her breakup with her fianc√©, DJ Slahver. The singer vaguely shared the news of their separation, indicating that it was a mutual decision made after careful consideration.

Nicah’s declaration has sparked skepticism among some fans, who recall her previous breakup stunt that turned out to be a promotional tactic for her music. They suspect that this latest breakup announcement might also be a ploy to generate buzz for an upcoming song.

In April 2022, Nicah announced her separation from her publicist, citing the unpredictable nature of love. However, the couple reconciled within the same month.

Given her past actions, some fans remain cautious about interpreting Nicah’s latest statements as genuine. Only time will tell whether her demands for a Runda residence are a genuine expression of her expectations or another publicity stunt.

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