‘I’m on a righteous path now’ Wolper forced to explain why she invited her ex Harmonize and his girlfriend to birthday party

Actress Jacqueline Wolper recently surprised many after inviting her ex Harmonize and his new girlfriend Sarah to her birthday.

The three haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye and the whole industries knows that they don’t like each other so much because of their histories.

Wolper, however, shared that she’s trying to put all this behind a reason why she invited them to his birthday party. In the party, Harmonize was seen in a video singing to the birthday girl while his fiancée presented Wolper with loads of cash.

“(I invited Harmonize and his girlfriend Sarah to my birthday) due to my faith and the people who surround me that know God. So they have set me on a righteous path. Right now even if you poked me in the eye I wouldn’t fight with you because I don’t want to create more enemies. If anyone wants to be my enemy I push them away. Right now I don’t what to make any enemies,” she told Radio & TV Personality Sam Misago during an interview.

Harmonize and Wolper had an ugly, public breakup that was marred with a lot of drama. After he moved to Sarah, the two ladies confronted each other on social media several times while fighting for the singer.

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