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‘I’m Too Hot To Stay Single’- Notiflow Introduces Her New Lover, Just Days After Break-Up (Screenshot)

September 15, 2022 at 12:11
'I'm Too Hot To Stay Single'- Notiflow Introduces Her New Lover, Just Days After Break-Up (Screenshot)

Kenyan rapper Natalie Kutoto (Notiflow) is once again off market, just a few days after she introduced her LGBTQ girlfriend to the world. The musician has been in three different relationships this year- two of which have ended in premium tears.

Her previous relationship ended even before she gave us the name of the new chick. According to her break-up message, it was not a genuine relationship as she felt used.

”Never fall in love & trust too quick. Not everyone has genuine intentions. People will lie & use you,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

Eventually, Notiflow would announce she’s ready to mingle. And the intriguing fact about it is she doesn’t mind to mingle with her fans. Her ex-girlfriend King Alami happened to be a huge fan. They faired on well despite having a tumultuous relationship- which wasn’t going to end with a happily ever after.

In Love Again

Via her Instagram stories, Notiflow shared a sneak peak of her lover and announced she’s ‘too hot to be single. She posted a video of herself cruising with her new bae and captioned;

‘Too hot to stay single. kuingia soko na kutoka”

Notiflow’s relationships have barely lasted over the recent years. And it won’t be a surprise if this one ends in premium tears too.


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