Insider discusses Mungai Eve and Director Trevor’s separation with a tease

Image: Mungai Eve and bae, Director Trevor

The separation between Mungai Eve and Director Trevor, a prominent YouTube duo in the digital content creation scene, is capturing attention.

Director Trevor, whose real name is Bonventure Monyancha Kebati, has publicly confirmed the dissolution of their professional partnership. Responding to a fan inquiry about potential future collaborations with Eve, Trevor unequivocally stated that their collaboration had ended, and he no longer required her services.

“Her services are no longer needed,” Trevor wrote in a social media post.

Additionally, Trevor announced the removal of Mungai Eve from their management roles across various online platforms, including the Insta Fame YouTube channel, which boasts over 100,000 subscribers, and a Facebook page with an impressive 847,000 followers.

The “Mungai Eve” YouTube channel, established on January 2, 2020, has garnered a significant following of over 750,000 subscribers, featuring an extensive library of 2,353 videos.

Sources close to the couple revealed to Nairobi News that this recent development follows Trevor moving out of their shared residence in Kileleshwa. While residing in the same house, the source mentioned that the former couple had been occupying separate bedrooms. However, Trevor recently relocated to a rented apartment in Kileleshwa.

“It became evident that the relationship had ended long ago, but they chose to remain silent about it,” disclosed an insider familiar with the situation.

The duo has recently unfollowed each other on Instagram and removed any photos of them together from their respective platforms, sparking further speculation and curiosity among their followers.

Unverified rumors have also circulated indicating that the romantic relationship between the two individuals soured due to alleged infidelity in late 2023.

Mungai Eve is currently vacationing in Dubai as fans eagerly anticipate her response to the ongoing situation. This isn’t the first time the duo has faced breakup rumors. In the past, Mungai Eve stated they would never publicly announce a breakup.

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