Internet erupts after Anita Nderu’s sexually explicit video emerges

Kenya’s sassy radio personality, Anita Nderu has stirred heated debate after a raunchy video of her and couple of guys skimpily dressed in her show emerged online.

The former Capital FM presenter has been running a cooking show dubbed The Overdressed Cook which is exactly what the title says.

She completely overturns her wardrobe every time she is preparing a meal…because that is just how extra this petite lass can be.

Ms Anita Nderu

This time however, her show wasn’t going to be openly welcomed by her fans, after she featured a gay couple on the show, all skimpily dressed and at times getting pretty cosy.

She went ahead to openly articulate:

This is probably one of my most fun episodes. I am very pro LGBTQ.

Media personality, Anita Nderu

On the episode’s trailer, Ms Nderu raps a bit before all the three get down and it gets a little ratchety.

As they cook, their talk is basically around s*x and all sorts of favorable digital platforms one would easily get hot content around such topics.

Before she burst:

Mine is usually threesomes but, okay.

Anita Nderu

Nderu has a piece of swimsuit on, that shows off her mellow-yellow skin, as these two guys casually throw in all sorts of creepy, erotic comments.

From their attitude, to their character, to their dressing, to their pronunciation, to their blunt honesty, it does get wild. Have a look:

Wild reactions

Kenyans took to Twitter to bash the TV personality for entertaining such kind of content.

One even went ahead to tag KFCB Boss, Ezekiel Mutua to clump down on Anita for such kind of behavior.

This forced vegetable oil brand, Fresh Fri to come out and distance themselves from Anita Nderu´s even though she was using their cooking oil.

Others however sided with her.

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