Intriguing method Judy Nyawira and Abel Mutua taught their daughter about adult subjects

Image: Abel Mutua with wife, Judy Nyawira

The soul and heart of Abel Mutua Stephanie Mumbua’s parents discussed the bizarre subject of physical intimacy with her, Judy Nyawira has disclosed.

Judy and her husband, who have some extremely unconventional beliefs, claimed that they had chosen to gradually teach difficult subjects starting at a young age of 6 or so.

“We started having adult conversations with Mumbu at a young age as if she was an adult. But even then we have had to know what type of such conversation to have with her at every stage as she grows.

When she was around six, she became so curious because she could see the pads and pods. At that age, she wouldn’t be able to understand what those resources are for. Nonetheless, I would tell her what they are actually called and that they are used by older girls like her mom and that when she grows up she would be able to use them,”

The same approach was taken while discussing one’s genitalia, according to Judy, who claimed they didn’t hesitate to describe such body parts.

“Unlike how most of our parents did with us when we were young, nicknaming private parts, for us to Mumbu we actually told her what they are called. If it’s a v@gina that’s what we told her it’s called not ‘susu’ or these other names.”

So the couple and their daughter who is now 13 are very comfortable with conversations that most parents would rather avoid.

The other day I heard her call it ‘couchy.’ Apparently, it’s a name to refer to vagina, that I learned from her,”

The marriage of Abel and Judy does not adhere to many of the tried-and-true guidelines that earlier models might have.

As an illustration, consider Abel’s statement that his wife is free to leave him if she decides that doing so is in her best interests.

The couple spoke on the Joyride podcast earlier this year, where the filmmaker revealed that he and his wife had a talk and decided that in the event that he were the first to pass away, his wife Judy should feel free to move on with another guy anytime she wishes.

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