iPhone Street Weathering the Storm: Jaguar Stands Firm Amidst Controversy

Despite recent accusations of selling refurbished iPhones and subpar customer service, singer-turned-politician Jaguar is adamant that his Nairobi-based phone store, iPhone Street Kenya, remains a thriving business.

The scandal erupted in October when disgruntled customers took to social media, alleging they had purchased non-original iPhones at full price. Many claimed the devices were aged and refurbished, packaged as brand new.

Facing backlash, iPhone Street Kenya acknowledged their shortcomings, admitting to a lack of dedicated customer service, causing delays in addressing queries. Furthermore, Jaguar, in a bold move, stepped forward as the director, taking responsibility for the store’s failings.

Undeterred by the negative publicity, Jaguar maintains that iPhone Street is faring well, attributing the controversy to competition. “We’ve sold over a million phones,” he says. “There will always be mishaps in any business. It was one trade-in mishap that our competitors exploited.”

He expresses gratitude for loyal customers, believing the business wouldn’t have survived if the accusations of subpar products were true. Regarding his initial reluctance to disclose ownership, Jaguar explains that he felt coming forward during the crisis was crucial. As a respected businessman, he wanted to reassure the public about the store’s integrity.

Despite the ongoing controversy, Jaguar remains confident that iPhone Street Kenya will navigate this storm and continue serving its Nairobi clientele seeking Apple products.

Key takeaways:

  • iPhone Street faced accusations of selling refurbished iPhones and poor customer service.
  • The store acknowledged shortcomings and Jaguar took responsibility as director.
  • Despite the controversy, Jaguar claims the business is thriving and attributes the backlash to competition.
  • He remains confident in iPhone Street’s future and expresses gratitude for loyal customers.

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