‘I’ve Never Dated Your Women’- Rapudo Shares His Opinion On Andrew Kibe & Edgar Obare’s Content

Amber Ray’s husband Kennedy Rapudo has thrown shade at Andrew Kibe & blogger Edgar Obare over their content on social media.

Known for their courage in exposing & trash-talking celebrities, the two have been culprits for years; and it seems like their content has garnered a massive following & huge fan base.

Sharing his sentiments over the two, Rapudo stated;

“Those two guys, they are …sijui nawachukia nini, I don’t even know those guys. na si ati nimekulia msee dame, sijawahi “

He further questioned why Edgar is so much involved in other people’s businesses;

“Why would a man spend time talking about another man. You are a man and you want to spend your time talking about another man, bro it doesn’t work like that.”

Rapudo also talked about Kibe, saying;

“We are all adults bro, and then you are like 50 years uko mpaka na watoi. I have seen he even has girls. Bro, you have girls, alafu when they grow they hear how you talk about women. Ah hapo huyo msee Is it a blogger or a journalist? You can do your work properly but you don’t have to insult people. Ongea nao tu say I don’t like this, tu inspire people. But let it be a positive inspiration. Sio lazima utukane mtu ndio point yako iende across. “

What’s your take on Rapudo’s sentiments?

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