‘I’ve Never Touched Alcohol Or Smoked A Cigarette’-Jaguar’s Abstinence Sparks Debate

Former Starehe MP Jaguar has stirred the proverbial pot with his recent interview revelation – he’s never touched alcohol or smoked a cigarette in his life. This admission has elicited mixed reactions, with some praising his self-control and others questioning its practicality in the entertainment industry.

Jaguar’s advice to fellow artists echoes his personal stance: plan ahead and don’t rely on handouts. He warns against succumbing to peer pressure and demanding extravagant treats like “10 Champagnes,” reminding them that such lavish days might not always last. “If you don’t plan yourself,” he states, “do not come asking us to contribute for you because personally, I won’t contribute.”

His confession adds him to a growing list of prominent Kenyans who abstain from alcohol, including President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. Others like Nana Gecaga and Jimmy Wanjigi also proudly identify as teetotalers.

Jaguar’s statement sparks several points of discussion:

  • Is total abstinence realistic in the often-party-fueled world of entertainment?
  • Does his advice on self-reliance resonate with younger artists facing financial pressures?
  • How does his stance on alcohol compare to other prominent figures, and could it influence public perceptions?

While Jaguar’s personal choices regarding alcohol and self-sufficiency may not apply to everyone, his voice undoubtedly adds another perspective to the conversation. Whether you agree with his approach or not, his message prompts introspection and invites dialogue about responsible life choices and financial planning in the sometimes-precarious world of entertainment.

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