Ivy Namu Showers Willis Raburu With Praises For Being Supportive During Her Pregnancy

Media personality Willis Raburu was a hands-on father during his wife Ivy Namu’s pregnancy, according to Namu.

In an interview with Marya Okoth on her YouTube channel on Friday, July 21, Namu said that Raburu was there for her every step of the way, from the moment she found out she was pregnant to the day she gave birth.

“He was so hands-on,” Namu said. “He went to all my doctor’s appointments with me, and he was always there to support me.”

Namu said that Raburu was particularly helpful during her first trimester, when she was feeling nauseous and exhausted.

“He cooked all my meals and took care of all the household chores,” Namu said. “He really made things easy for me.”

Namu said that Raburu was also a great support during her labor and delivery.

“He was right there by my side the whole time,” Namu said. “He held my hand and told me I was doing great.”

Namu said that she is so grateful for Raburu’s support during her pregnancy and childbirth.

“He was an amazing father to our son, and I know he will be an amazing father to our daughter as well,” Namu said.

Raburu and Namu have been married since 2019 and have two children together.

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