Jackie Maribe and Jowie Irungu murder case ruling postponed again

Jackie Maribe and her former fiancé Jowie Irungu can now relax because the High Court has once more delayed the case’s verdict.

The two were charged on January 26 for the murder of late entrepreneur Monica Kimani.

Trial Judge Grace Nzioka was scheduled to issue her ruling today, but she informed the parties that she had received the essential documents for her case as late as yesterday.
This is the second postponement of the judgment.

The Judge was unfit the first time.

“Writing the verdict took time for me. We’ve advanced. However, I found out on Monday that not all of the exhibits were submitted to me when the file was sent to me,” the judge said.

The Judge stated that she received them on Thursday at seven o’clock, despite having requested that they be supplied on Monday. There were three sacks of them.

Jowie had begged the court to give him an earlier date before the revised dates were decided upon. Maribe, on the other hand, wanted a date in January, while he asked for January 21.

Following that, the parties decided that the judgment will be delivered on January 26.

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