Jackie Maribe pens heartfelt letter to her son

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Jacque Maribe declared in September 2022 that she wouldn’t be updating her Instagram page until she felt it was appropriate. She did, however, grant some latitude for posting Instagram stories.


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Fans have noted that the single mother has adhered to her word and taken a social media hiatus. This is what she said a year prior:

“1st September 2022, I chose to only do stories here on IG…well, shouldn’t that change now on 1st September 2023?? The sabbatical ends. Loading…

There are no photographs while I’m reloading.”

With a huge bang, the former Citizen TV presenter has returned. She has decided to mark her return with a heartwarming video montage of her and her son’s times spent together.

She sent an emotional message to her son Zahari on the video;

“I’m so grateful I got you Zee. My entire heart, my pride and joy.”

The last time Jacque expressed her opinions on Instagram, she got into a furious argument with Eric Omondi on the paternity of her baby.

The two adults engaged in a back-and-forth regarding a DNA claim that has never been addressed to this day.

According to Eric, she won’t put him through a test to find out if he is his biological father. Maribe asserted in June that Eric had been dishonest regarding the DNA test procedure.

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