Jackie Matubia and Kush Tracey bashed for expecting husbands to wash and clean

Switch TV presenters, Jackie Matubia and Kush Tracey have not been spared online after demanding their ideal man needs to wash utensils and clean their messes.

During their popular show ‘Chatspot’ the topic of discussion was channeled towards the roles of a family man and especially in the age of women empowerment.

The two personalities were breathing fire about men who expect to treat a woman who is educated all the way up, like a housewife.

Jackie Matubia (left) and Kush Tracey (right)

That was a Big NO to them. For Jackie:

So I go through, primary, high school, campus, up until Masters and PhD to come and wash utensils for you? Excuse me! It’s different!

Before Kush Tracey jumped in:

Mama, nowadays women, if a man can’t cook, if you can’t even go to the kitchen and wash your utensils, I don’t expect to arrive in the house and find the utensils you used, lying in the sink because you can’t wash them yourself.

Artist and TV personality, Kush Tracey

Going ahead to clarify:

Personally, my type of man: you can cook, you can wash and clean! I don’t know how to live with a man who can’t work!

I am sure you know by now that their sentiments attracted backlash on Twitter, with men admitting that that is probably why the two are still single.

Taking note that this is why marriages of today are just not working.


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