Jacky Vike responds to Kibe calling her ravishing

Image: Jacky Vike keeps Papa Shirandula’s memories alive with recent move

The well-known Awinja, Jacky Vike, has expressed gratitude to Andrew Kibe for calling her the sexiest person alive.

The comic was shocked because she had no idea Andrew Kibe had praised her looks, but she was grateful nonetheless.

When questioned if Kibe had feelings for her, Awinja responded simply by thanking the male activist for his appreciation and declining to elaborate on his allegation.

“Mashallah, lemme appreciate sina kitu ya kusema other than asanti nimeshkuru”

The journalist insisted that Andrew Kibe had a crush on her despite repeated warnings from the mother of one child since he doesn’t value people very highly.

“Unajua Kibe anajulikana na sifa tofauti tofauti lakini wewe ukjo on the right books na anaembrass your beauty as the sexiest human being. Labda umemteka Kibe na hujui”

She advised the entertainment journalist to quit being so demanding and to stop making a big deal out of a small compliment.

” Acha uchochezi bana, Mimi nasema asanti, its a compliment mbona nikatae compliment nimesema asanti.It is courteous to say thank you once someone compliments you.”

The comedian thanked Kibe for his compliments and also revealed how she got her fantastic summer figure.

The dancer joked that she ate everything because it was the one thing she didn’t take poison of when asked if she had a food plan.

“Mimi nakula kila kitu kenye siezi kula ni sumu pekee. Ni genetics sisi kwetu si wakubwa sana tukona mwili ndogo

but other than that I do hot yoga ama Bikram yoga is a room is heated then mnafanya yoga hapo for 40 minutes siezi wadanganya ati ni hivi au ni vile mimi nakula kila kitu.”

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