Jacque Maribe And Eric Omondi Finally Reconcile (Video)

Eric Omondi demands for paternity test so as to support son
Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe-Google

Eric Omondi and his baby mama Jacque Maribe are finally at peace with each other after a recent interview with bonfire CEO and FOUNDER Kabu Simon. The duo went ahead to admit their recent online ‘fight’ was a big mistake and shouldn’t have unfolded in that manner.

Public Apology

In their interview, Maribe seemed tipsy as she joined Eric Omondi in apologizing to the public over the latter.

The comedian remained poised as she apologized to Maribe on Jalang’o TV;

”To Jacque, first I want to say I’m sorry I reacted. I should have been more mature than that. If you didn’t call me, then I should have called you… When one mistake happened, I followed up with another mistake and I’m sorry about that…”

Eric also went ahead to promise Kenyans that they will take care of their 7 year old son.

”And I promise Kenyans, between me and Jackie we’re going to ensure that the boy Zahari will not go through anything that he’s not supposed to go through. I apologize to Zahari and I will ensure personally that I protect him.”

Despite Eric’s confession, he still maintained that they will be going for the DNA test to find out the biological father of Zahari.

Watch their brief interview below;

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