Jacque Maribe’s Illness Delays Long-Awaited Verdict In Monica Kimani Murder Case

Image: Maribe

In a dramatic turn of events, Jacque Maribe, the former Citizen TV presenter implicated in the 2018 murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, was unable to appear in court on Friday for the scheduled judgment delivery. Reports claim she fell ill earlier in the morning, adding another layer of suspense to the already high-profile case.

Maribe, alongside her then-fianc√© Joseph “Jowie” Irungu, stood accused of involvement in Kimani’s brutal murder. Her absence prompted Justice Grace Nzioka to postpone the verdict until March 15th.

Kimani’s death, marked by a deep throat cut and found in her Nairobi apartment, sent shockwaves across Kenya. The ensuing investigation drew intense public scrutiny due to the involvement of celebrities like Maribe. The public hung onto each court appearance and twist in the narrative, captivated by the complex web of evidence and testimonies presented.

The prosecution built their case primarily on circumstantial evidence, placing Maribe and Irungu near the crime scene. The defense, however, has consistently challenged the validity of this evidence, arguing it’s insufficient to prove their involvement.

With Maribe’s sudden illness and the verdict pushed back, the Kimani murder case remains unresolved, leaving Kenyans waiting for answers and closure.

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