Jaguar discusses why Kenyan record labels fail

Kenyan singer and politician Jaguar has warned gospel singer Guardian Angel that his newly launched music label, 7 Heaven Music, is likely to fail if the signed artist does not put in the work.

Jaguar pointed out that several music labels in Kenya have closed down after a short stint because the signed artists become lazy and expect too much from the labels. He cited examples of Bahati’s EMB Records, Otile Brown’s Just In Love Music label, and Nadia Mukami’s Sevens Creative Hub label, which all collapsed within a few years of being established.

Jaguar advised Guardian Angel and his signed artist to work hard and focus on their careers if they want 7 Heaven Music to succeed. He said that being signed to a label is only 40% of the battle, and the rest is up to the artist to put in the hard work.

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