Jaguar Opens Up About Polygamy’s Impact on His Life

Image: Hon Jaguar in hospital

Former Starehe MP Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, has revealed the profound impact that polygamy had on his life. In a moving interview with Muthoni wa Kirumba, Jaguar shared details about his parents’ separation and the subsequent challenges he faced.

His father’s decision to take on another wife created tension and led to his mother’s departure from the marriage. Eventually, his father also abandoned the family.

Despite the pain, Jaguar refrained from judging his father, acknowledging the complexities within their relationship. He stated, “You never know the issues going on between two people. I didn’t judge my father for his actions because I never knew their issues.”

Jaguar vividly described the difficult aftermath of his parents’ separation. He moved in with his grandmother while his mother’s health deteriorated. He took on odd jobs to support her, leaving school to get medicine. Sadly, his mother passed away shortly after.

The former MP described battling depression and struggling to support himself. He recalled frequently leaving school to find work, repeating classes due to lack of fees, and receiving inconsistent support from relatives.

Jaguar credits musician Kigia Wa Esther with playing a pivotal role in his life. After losing his mother at the age of 11, Kigia and his family welcomed Jaguar into their home, offering him education, support, and a sense of belonging during his darkest days.

Through his story, Jaguar shed light on the devastating consequences of polygamy and the crucial support system that helped him overcome adversity. He emerged from his struggles, finding success in music and politics while carrying the lessons learned from his difficult past.

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