Jaguar refuses to help failed and ailing Kenyan celebrities Magix Enga and Mwana Mtule

Charles Njagua, often known as Jaguar, gave an explanation of why he turned down Magix Enga’s and Mwana Mtule’s request for assistance in a recently popular video.

This occurred a few days after online users accused Mike Sonko of forsaking Conjestina Achieng on her rehabilitation journey, despite his pledge to fund her.

The affluent leader claimed that providing assistance wasn’t the issue, but rather the recipient—if they refuse assistance, there is nothing more you can do for them.

“Tuna saidia watu wengi lakini hatupost na nimeona kwa hii dunia kuna mtu unaeza saidia na kuna mtu huwezi”

The politician turned musician said that, although unsuccessful, he had attempted to assist Congestina prior to Mike Sonko’s efforts.

“Unachukua mtu kama mwnyewe hajaamua, unampeleka rehab nz bado anarudi kufanya zile vitendo.”

Jaguar stated he’s not willing to go through that with someone who doesn’t want to be genuinely helped, criticizing the practice of aiding individuals who don’t want help.

The politician continued by detailing his father’s addiction and how, despite their best efforts, they were unable to help him and he ultimately refused assistance since it was being pushed upon him.

“Ni akili ya mtu na nia inafanya mtu abadilike..” 

Jaguar discloses that he was asked by Tuva to assist Magix Enga, but he turned him down because the artist wasn’t ready for assistance and he would only assist him if the artist showed that he was sincere in wanting assistance.

“Juzi tuva ameniita twende kukamsaidie magix, lakini mimi hutaniona hapo siwezi….kwa hivyo mimi nilisema siwezi mopaka ile siku nitaona magic mwenyewe anataka kubadirika.”

The MP extended his gratitude to everyone who assisted Alpha Mteule, but he declared that he was unwilling to assist someone who lacked entitlement or the will to be assisted.

“Ukisaidia mtu ni kwanza aonyeshe nia ya kusaidika,”

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