Jalango’s Re-Instated Employee Narrates How He Collaborated With Former Colleague To Steal His Millions

Lang’ata Member of Parliament (MP) Jalang’o has reinstated his former groundsman Eli Omundu, who stole Ksh1 million from him in June 2023.

Omundu was interviewed by Jalang’o on his YouTube channel, where he narrated how he conspired with a former colleague, Morrison Litiema, to steal from the MP.

He continued to say that he and Litiema were working at Jalang’o’s home on June 4, 2023, when Litiema noticed a large sum of cash in a BMW parked in the driveway. Litiema stole the cash and fled, and Omundu followed him.

The two men were eventually caught and arrested, but they were released on bail. Omundu said that he was ashamed of what he had done and apologized to Jalang’o.

Jalang’o said that he forgave Omundu and decided to give him a second chance. He said that he was impressed by Omundu’s honesty and remorse.

“I know that what he did was wrong, but I also believe that everyone deserves a second chance,” Jalang’o said. “I am confident that Eli has learned his lesson and that he will not make the same mistake again.”

Omundu said that he was grateful for Jalang’o’s forgiveness and promised to be a better man.

“I am so sorry for what I did,” Omundu said. “I know that I let you down, but I promise that I will never do anything like that again.”

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