”Jamaica Truly Stole My Heart”-Shorn Arwa Shares Biggest Lessons She Learnt While In Jamaica

Kenyan content creator Shorn Arwa took her online followers on a virtual trip to Jamaica, sharing her experiences on her Instagram Stories.

Arwa, who lives in the UK, debunked the stereotype of widespread marijuana use in Jamaica. “People there don’t smoke weed nearly as much as the internet portrays,” she said.

Beyond dispelling myths, Arwa offered a glimpse into the dedication of Jamaican content creators. “They take it incredibly seriously,” she explained. “It’s like a full-time job, with long hours and top-notch equipment.”

However, what truly impressed Arwa was the collaborative spirit among Jamaican creators.

“They’re like a big family, always supporting and working together,” she said. “If your camera dies, another creator might offer theirs, saying ‘you’re on a tight schedule, I can get this shot later.'”

Arwa was also captivated by Jamaica’s natural beauty.

“The beaches and landscapes are breathtaking,” she raved. She complimented the clean environment, well-maintained roads, and abundance of fruit trees.

For Kenyan viewers, Arwa highlighted the ease of entering Jamaica. The country offers visa-free travel for Kenyans, though a transit visa might be needed depending on the route.

“The immigration process is smooth, with self-check-in kiosks,” she explained.

While there are no direct flights from Kenya, Arwa managed the journey with a connecting flight.

Capping off her stories, Arwa declared Jamaica her favorite travel destination so far. “Out of all the places I’ve visited, Jamaica truly stole my heart,” she concluded.

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