Janet Mbugua Narrates Inspiration That Gave Her Confidence Of Calling Her Ex-Boyfriend

Image: Janet Mbugua hospitalized

Inspired by a movie, media personality Janet Mbugua embarked on a personal journey of reconnection with her high school sweetheart. The film’s theme of childhood friends reuniting in adulthood resonated deeply with Janet, prompting her to explore unresolved feelings from her past.

Taking a bold step, Janet decided to reach out to her former love. A mix of nervousness and curiosity fueled her desire to understand why their teenage romance hadn’t blossomed.

With disarming honesty, Janet shared,

“After the movie, I called someone. It made me think of this person I was with in high school. He was always a constant presence, a friend at the very least. So I called him and simply asked, ‘Why do you think we never ended up together?'”

Open to whatever the conversation might reveal, Janet sought closure and a deeper understanding of their past dynamic. Through their conversation, they unearthed reasons behind their youthful separation.

Janet reflected;

“We realized it might have been about timing or maturity. Maybe neither of us was quite ready. There were times we could have been together, but someone would back out, claiming to be too busy or overwhelmed. Now, years later, we’re both grown.”

Despite the road not taken, Janet found solace in the knowledge that both she and her former flame had matured and grown as individuals since their high school days.

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