Janet Mbugua Opens Up On Crying A Lot To ‘Heal’ Before Sleeping

Image: Janet Mbugua hospitalized

Author and philanthropist Janet Mbugua isn’t afraid to get real. In a recent Instagram video, she bared her soul, talking about crying herself to sleep, wrestling with past trauma, and the importance of vulnerability in healing.

This mother of two isn’t just sharing relatable struggles; she’s actively processing them. Her tears, she explains, are an overdue release of unspoken grief from years past. Back then, living as a “big girl” meant holding everything in, a shield preventing true self-care.

But now, Janet’s letting go.

“Now when the tears come, I just let them flow,” she says, “and that is healing to me.” It’s a powerful message about confronting pain, not bypassing it.

While there are aspects of her journey she’s not ready to share yet, she assures her followers that she’s doing okay, in a much better place than before. “I’m still resolving what I’ve been through,” she admits, “but I’m not hiding anymore.”

Janet’s vulnerability isn’t just personal; it’s a beacon for others navigating their own emotional complexities. By openly acknowledging her struggles, she sends a powerful message: it’s okay to not be okay, and letting the tears flow can be part of the path to healing.

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