Janet Mbugua Throws Lavish Birthday For Her Son As He Turns 5

Janet Mbugua’s second-born son Mali has turned 5 years old. The overjoyed mother threw him a birthday party in an Italian restaurant, where he was praised for being a joy to his family.

In a beautiful message, Mbugua expressed how much Mali means to her family:

You’ve made these last 5 years some of the most beautiful ones we’ve ever experienced. God sent, go-getter, heart full of love and a Guka at heart 😊

Happy 5th birthday, beautiful Mali. Though you continue to develop our characters with your boldness, innocent but powerful questions and strong willed nature 😃, you continue to make every day we share with you here on Earth, a gift.

God bless you, God keep you, We love you. So much ❤️

Mbugua also added that it was a milestone birthday, marking a significant step in Mali’s growth and development.

Congratulations to Mali and the Mbugua family on this special occasion!

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