Jimal Roho Safi mocks Amber Ray after Kennedy Rapudo beats her

Kenyan businessman Jimal Rohosafi has released a karaoke video of himself singing a song about not beating wives, which has raised eyebrows considering the recent allegations of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, Amber Ray.

In the video, Rohosafi can be seen singing along to the song “Whozu – Waume Wenzangu” which contains lyrics that urge husbands not to beat their wives. The lyrics are as follows:

“Waume wenzangu, tusidharau wake zetu Wao ni mama wa watoto wetu Wametuvumilia sana, wametuvumilia sana Wametuvumilia sana, wametuvumilia sana Tuwapende, tuwatunze, tuwajali”


“My fellow husbands, let’s not despise our wives They are the mothers of our children They have endured us a lot, they have endured us a lot They have endured us a lot, they have endured us a lot Let’s love them, let’s take care of them, let’s cherish them”

Rohosafi’s video has sparked a debate online, with some people praising him for speaking out against domestic violence, while others criticizing him for hypocrisy.

Amber Ray has accused Rohosafi of physically assaulting her on multiple occasions during their relationship. Rohosafi has denied the allegations.

It is important to note that Rohosafi is presumed innocent until proven guilty. He has the right to a fair trial and to be represented by an advocate of his choice.

Kennedy Rapudo profusely apologized for the physical incident he and Amber had on Sunday night when it was made public.


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He said it was an isolated incident and blamed being inebriated, saying nobody should take it to represent who he was.

A few days prior to making his testimony, Amber had left Kennedy at her home and posted a few mysterious words online. She also appeared to have gone for her other residence.

The fact that she had lost her engagement ring was even more troubling, as seen by astute observers.

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