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Jimal Rohosafi bags himself new ‘hotspot’ to replace ex wife Amira (Photos)

June 27, 2022 at 13:54
Jimal Rohosafi bags himself new ‘hotspot’ to replace ex wife Amira (Photos)

Jimal Rohosafi has finally found himself a new hottie and judging from the photos – this young lady, Wangari Thiongo is way younger than both his exes Amira and Amber Ray.

This comes barely a week after he revealed what turns him off in a woman, that is – one who acts like a hotspot for every Tom, Dick and Harry. In the post Jimal Rohosafi wrote;

once I notice that am sharing you, I will leave you for them. I need a soulmate, not a hotspot.

However the post ended up receiving criticism from most women/feminists who called him out for being the actual hotspot; especially after having learnt a thing or two about his private life. The wife, ex side chic and a baby mama he keeps on the low.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Coming in hot with new alleged bae

Despite the hate from a few fans here and there – Jimal Rohosafi continues to make headline and this time around it’s because he was linked to a young lady many believe he is dating.

This is because, we have photos of the two enjoying each other’s company in Kajiado not forgetting g the many others photos shared by Ms Thiongo posing with the fella’s known Range Rover. The same car Amber Ray used to parade on social media claiming she owns it.

Well – there’s a new owner and seeing how fine  she is – clearly Jimal has a thing for BBW’s… big (thick) black women. Check out photos of the Lass below.

Jimal’s new babe


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