Jimal Rohosafi Claims No Man Can Steal His Girlfriend As He Throws Shade

Just as 2023 winds down, Kenyan businessman Jimal Rohosafi has sparked another online frenzy with a peculiar Instagram post. In a move characterized as ironic by many, Jimal issued a “blanket apology” to anyone whose romantic partner he might have “acquired” in the past year. He even extends an olive branch to those who, in his words, “took ours,” adding a cheeky “it was nice doing business with you.”

This puzzling message comes against the backdrop of Jimal’s own highly publicized romantic entanglements, most notably his relationship with socialite Amber Ray. Despite being married to his wife Amira, Jimal publicly acknowledged his relationship with Amber, even calling her his “second wifey.” He vehemently denied that she “stole” him from Amira, claiming they were friends for years before their romance blossomed.

However, Jimal’s past pronouncements cast a shadow of contradiction on his year-end apology. In a previous interview, he confidently declared that no one could “steal” his current girlfriend, Wangari Thiongo. He attributed this to his success and his supposed mastery of treating women in such a way that makes them unavailable to others.

This apparent disconnect between Jimal’s apology and his previous statements has left many scratching their heads. Is he genuinely acknowledging past transgressions, or is this just another attention-grabbing stunt? Regardless of his intent, Jimal’s message has certainly stirred the pot once again, making him a constant source of intrigue and debate in the Kenyan social media landscape.

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