Joey Muthengi’s alarming before and after photos battling rare eating disorder

It is a sad state of affairs that women both slender and plus-size have been forced into a corner of either keeping up with a certain body size or opting out.

Those that choose the latter, are subjected to constant criticism and cyber bullying for accepting themselves for who they are while those that choose to conform to certain set standards, any slight changes in your weight will attract backlash.

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Sassy Kenyan media personality, Joey Muthengi shed light on this the more after her recent online conversations with fans, opening up about how she had to starve herself to fit in high school and the media world.

Ms Joey Muthengi

Taking to Twitter, Ms Joey went all in, recalling her time in high school with Caucasian girls where ‘being thin was the thing’, any slight weight addition forced you to the gym.

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Slowly, it got the better of her, battling bulimia – an emotional disorder characterized by distorted body image and an excessive desire to lose weight which results in extreme overeating and forced vomiting.

That became the everyday routine for a dear Ms Muthengi only to land on TV and it got worse. She literally stopped eating to maintain her body, which was goals for many of her colleagues, hardly did they know what she was going through.

I looked great in those dresses they gave me but underneath I was suffering..

Joey Muthengi

Until it got to a point her mum noticed, clothes were no longer fitting in place for her daughter and she was like “I don’t like this job for you.”

She told me I looked like I was sick…

Media personality and actress, Joey Muthengi

Work had piled pressure on her, she lost herself to the world until it struck her it was time to love herself first.

Gradually she is getting there – 2 decades and counting!

…someone might look great on the outside but feel awful inside. I’m still fighting this demon that is rarely spoken about in African culture. But I’m fighting every day.

Former Citizen TV host, Joey Muthengi

The now

These are her looks right now, proudly articulating:

So this is me now. And I am damn proud of myself for making it here and even more proud of myself for appreciating how God made me.

Capital FM presenter, Joey Muthengi
Ms Muthengi
Joey Muthengi looking healthier

Having adjusted from this:

Joey Muthengi
Former Citizen TV morning TV show host, Joey Muthengi

The then

Meet the young and free Joey Muthengi before her bulimia battle:

Flashback of Joey Muthengi with colleagues

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