Jowie’s sentenced to death for the murder of Monica Kimani

Ms. Gichuhi implored the court to recognize the aggravating circumstances warranting Jowie’s sentencing to death.

“The court must apply the death penalty for capital offenses as prescribed by law. Therefore, we respectfully submit that the death penalty is lawful in Kenya and, in this case, all criteria for the Death Sentence have been met,” she asserted.

The 28-year-old businesswoman, eldest daughter of Paul Kimani Ngarama, met her tragic demise at her Lamuria Garden residence on the night of September 19, 2018, shortly after returning from Juba, South Sudan.

Scheduled to depart for Dubai the following morning, she was discovered lifeless in a bathtub, her throat gruesomely slit from ear to ear, and her limbs bound with cable ties.

A Devout Christian In the pre-sentencing report, Irungu’s parents – Julius Irungu Mwangi and Anastacia Thama – portrayed their 33-year-old son as sociable, respectful, and devoutly religious.

Born on November 20, 1990, in Nakuru, Irungu, a certified private security guard, grew up in Mwariki area.

Following his secondary education, he pursued a diploma in food production at Kenya Polytechnic, completing it in 2011. Subsequently, he relocated to Dubai, where he worked for a security firm after undergoing tactical military training from the Dubai Police Academy and the Ogara Group.

Monica, holding a diploma in international relations, served as the managing director of the family business, Millypol General Trading Company, in Juba for seven years.

In her verdict, Justice Nzioka acknowledged the conviction’s reliance on circumstantial evidence but deemed the prosecution successful in establishing Irungu’s culpability.

The judge highlighted Irungu’s theft of Dominic Bisera Haron’s identity card, an estate security guard, to access Monica’s apartment. Armed with a firearm and concealing a bag with a white kanzu, he changed attire after the murder. Justice Nzioka noted Irungu’s deliberate destruction of evidence by burning the clothing worn during the crime.

“The court finds that the collective evidence presents a compelling case, leading to the firm conclusion that the first accused person is guilty of the offense of murder,” declared Justice Nzioka.

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