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Jubilee supporters launch scathing attack on Larry Madowo

November 18, 2017 at 09:59
Jubilee supporters launch scathing attack on Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo was on the receiving end of Jubilee supporters’ wrath. Larry’s decision to share a 2014 post was the reason why he was roasted.

So Raila Odinga’s supporters were banned from accessing JKIA and people can’t get why. The irony is that Uhuru’s supporters were allowed in JKIA three years ago when he returned from his trial at the Hague.

Larry points out the irony

Larry Madowo says journalists were allowed inside the airport to cover Uhuru’s return in 2014. Police also blocked journalists from covering Raila’s return at JKIA on Friday.

‪”When President Uhuru Kenyatta returned from The Hague on 9th October, 2014. Supporters were allowed inside the airport, TV stations set up trucks by the airside. I know because I was there. We covered it live,” wrote Larry Madowo.

Jubilee supporters react

Uhuru’s supporters launched scathing attack on Larry thanks to his post on Facebook. Over 7000 people commented on Larry’s post as Jubilee and Nasa supporters threw words at each other.



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