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Judge Jo-1 reveals just how long it takes to recover from child birth and Kenyan women simply can’t handle it….check this out!

April 05, 2017 at 15:18
Judge Jo-1 reveals just how long it takes to recover from child birth and Kenyan women simply can't handle it....check this out!

Just how long does it take to shed all of your post pregnancy weight? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years? Or maybe never?

That’s always a reality most women grapple with after giving birth and not only that but also what exactly it takes to shed it all off.

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Well, fitness connoisseur and dance expert Judge Jo-1 formerly of Sakata held a small session on her Facebook page on this and there were quite some lessons to be learnt by majority of Kenyan women.

According to her own experience, it approximately takes two years to get back in shape after giving birth especially if you did it through C-section so patience is much needed virtue in this interesting journey.

Judge Jo-1

“If it has been more than 6 months since the stitch I encourage you to go back to your doctor for a checkup just to make sure that all has healed well. Once this is confirmed please purchase a support belt for your abdomen and wear it when exercising or lifting. You can do so many exercises until the abs are ready to engage again. Slowly, slowly.” She posted on her Facebook ash she revealed what has been routine in the last couple of months.

The challenge she gave herself was 2 hours of Yoga everyday which has really come in handy in her recovery.

Jo- 1 also insisted on the need to have self-esteem and motivation as it’s not an easy journey as she revealed to one of the women participating in the session.

Judge Jo-1

“Thanks for reaching out. First of all, you are not a victim; you are a mother, a warrior and a strong woman. Having a C-section can also mess with a woman’s self-esteem where someone can think that they can’t do something afterwards because of it. Sometimes the body is ok but the person is scared to try again especially if you remember where you were before having the baby. Start small and push yourself. As long as there are no sharp pains keep going. Challenge yourself. Do your exercise where no one knows you if that helps. Always remember, you have been through much so losing weight is easy compared to life:).” She encouraged her fellow women.

It was quite a learning process for most of the women shocked and encouraged in equal measure.

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