Justina Syokau Reveal s She Has Not Been Intimate For 10 Years

Gospel singer Justina Syokau has made a shocking revelation about her life with men, claiming that she has not been intimate for 10 years now.

In a recent interview, Syokau stated the latter while claiming that she’s scared of trending on twitter if the man she got intimate with recorded a video of them while they’re in ‘session’

‘Naogopa ku recordiwa video. Skuizi kuna ku recordiana videos. Imagine hii beauty yote ikionyeshwa Kenyans, watu wakikutana twitter juu yako… If it was the way I left it 10 years ago, you find ni tamu that you can not co-ordinate where the camera is.

Months ago, she took to social media with a placard outlining the qualities she desires in a man, and the response has been overwhelming Syokau disclosed that the multitude of interested men had been meticulously vetted, and only five individuals met her stringent criteria.

Syokau, who has been vocal about her desire for a younger, energetic, and financially stable partner, revealed only five men made the cut after a rigorous vetting process.

Syokau is yet to get the man she desires, considering she preferred a young billionaire.

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