Drunk Eric Njoka curses out his critics during livestream (Video)

K24 editor and producer Eric Njoka has come out guns blazing at his critics days after revealing the media station was closing shop.

The irked journalist went on an angry rant on his IG live, hurling curse words and blasting local publications for sniffing around his business.

He reportedly dismissed claims that the 24-hour media station was shutting down and retrenching all its staff in a couple of weeks.

Stop writing sh*t about me. Because I´ll be like, this guy or this woman wrote sh*t about me that is not right, that is not true.

K24 news anchor, Eric Njoka

Eric warned anyone meddling in his personal affairs that a time will come when they will have to face-off one-on-one and it might not end well.

If you wanna write stuff about me, go right ahead! I´ve given you the leeway but let´s meet here. I will deal with you right here! I am a one-man show. Bring it right to me and I´ll bring it right to you. Okay?

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Pretty irritated, the media personality said that it doesn´t quite bother him who goes ahead to spill it all to those above him, having worked day and night for years, to get to where he is.

K24 journalist, Eric Njoka

A little tipsy and pretty high, the news anchor cautioned social media DCI to refrain from lighting a fire they can never put off because he just won´t let them.

I am an angry man and I´m not isolated. Tutadeal na wewe hapo nyuma ya tent. I know who I am and I know where I am at the moment. So if you want to come my way, kuja polepole. Anyway, Kenyans only think about themselves and no one else. I have come so so so far, to take sh*t from people. Just don´t cross my line.

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On a different note, the K24 producer had previously made headlines about his sexuality, with fans curious to know which position his gender liking stood at.

Media personality, Eric Njoka

It was speculated he was gay, reports that never sat well with Eric who openly told off a troll to mind their own business because that is his personal life and nobody else´s.

During his online rant, he posed:

You ask me about my sexuality, itakusaidia na nini at the end of the day? If you ask someone about their life, what happens to your life? Does it change?

Editor and producer, Eric Njoka

Amidst all this, a drunk Eric Njoka ended up making a fool of himself.

Here is a piece of his angry rant online:

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