Kabi Wa Jesus refuses to undergo DNA test to prove if he fathered cousin’s 7 year old daughter

Kabi Wa Jesus is said to have fathered his cousin’s 7 year old daughter; but now that the public knows what he allegedly did in the past – the man of God has refused to undergo a DNA test.

According to sources close to blogger Edgar Obare – The Wa Jesus family man claims that he cannot afford a paternity test; when it only costs Ksh 20,000 – which of course Kabi can raise even with the help of friends.

Kabi wa Jesus with daughter and baby mama cum cousin

However, refusing to undergo the paternity test only proves that he could be hiding something; but after Edgar mentioned that Kabi’s son looks like Abby- then it’s only fair to conclude that the allegations are true.

Child support

From what we have learnt is that the DNA test was to determine whether Kabi; should pay for child support or not.

Kabi wa Jesus

And now that the court wants to help clear his name; Mr Dihoro has refused to comply with the court orders. Below are a few screenshots shared by Edgar Obare showing his conversation with Kabi’s other cousin living abroad.



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