Kabi WaJesus Gifts His Wife A 10 Million Shillings Land Rover (Video)

The Wajesus Family never disappoint when it comes to gifting each other lavish gifts.

They’ve done it over the years and roped in several fans with their couple goals content. For the latter reason, The WaJesus have become a big deal and every time they have a reveal, it’s always something that fans are eager to know about.

Recently, Kabi WaJesus decided to surprise his wife Milly by gifting her a brand new Land Rover.

Intriguingly, it’s not the first time Kabi is gifting her a car. Like the Bahati’s, it’s actually not believable as they do it severally. Netizens end up questioning their net worth and whether the surprises are legitimate.

Anyway, Kabi’s deluxe gift has been received gladly by Milly; who’s name was branded as the car’s number plate. The white Land Rover gifted to Milly is estimated to cost between 8-10 Million Kenyan shillings, depending on the year of manufacture.



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