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Kabi WaJesus Gushes Over Wife Milly In Exquisite Photoshoot (Photo)

September 27, 2022 at 10:57
Kabi WaJesus Gushes Over Wife Milly In Exquisite Photoshoot (Photo)

Celebrity couple Milly and Kabi wa Jesus have always lighted up the internet with their admirable couple goal videos and photos. They’re in fact, one of Kenya’s favourite celebrity couples. Their love story is even more intriguing as they have grown together through the years. They have been epitomes of true love & aa happy marriage.  And it’s always a joy to watch their content.

Recently, the two sweethearts welcomed yet another bundle of joy in their family- a baby girl. Their daughter is the 2nd born after Taji WaJesus, who will be turning 3 in a few days.

Love In The Air

That being said, it’s no secret that the two are hooked and looking forward to a ‘happily ever after’. And their perpetual gushes sum it all up. After an exquisite photoshoot, Kabi couldn’t keep calm as he gushed over Milly, expressing his undying love for the mother of two.

I count myself blessed to wake up next to this beautiful girl every morning. Marrying you @millywajesus was the most beautiful choice I’ve ever made ❤️ till death do us part, I love you both in public and in private 🥰🥰.


The comment section was filled with several messages of awe. And it’s definitely not the last we’ll see of the WaJesus family.


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