Kambua talks about how she was harassed by “womb watchers” on social media.

Former media personality Kambua has courageously opened up about her experience of miscarriage, sharing a touching #TBT photo that captures a time of deep heartbreak amidst the joy of visiting her hometown.

Unknown to many at the time, Kambua was grappling with the profound loss of a pregnancy. The photo, seemingly serene, belies the tumultuous emotions raging within her.

“This season of my life was so dark, it felt like a blur,” Kambua confessed. “The sense of loss was so so heavy.”

Adding to her anguish were the incessant inquiries from well-meaning but unaware individuals on social media, constantly asking, “when will you have a baby?” Their words pierced through her already wounded spirit.

In the midst of her despair, Kambua found solace in the unwavering support of her mother and the power of prayer.

She vividly recalls a day when her mother, following her custom, sat with her and offered a heartfelt prayer. The words, spoken in Kamba, echoed with compassion and hope.

“God, thank you for the baby that you gave us, but soon came back to you. Now God we pray that you give us the one who will stay,” her mother pleaded.

Kambua’s emotions overflowed as she listened to her mother’s words. The pain, the longing, and the unwavering faith were all intertwined in that moment of shared vulnerability.

“And God is faithful,” Kambua affirmed. Shortly after her mother’s heartfelt prayer, Kambua miraculously conceived again and carried the pregnancy to term.

Her story serves as a beacon of hope for those who have faced similar losses and disappointments in their journeys to parenthood.

“I specifically want to encourage a woman, perhaps a couple whose dream to motherhood or being parents has seemed so elusive,” Kambua expressed.

She extended her prayers to those grappling with the weight of loss and delay, assuring them that God’s miraculous interventions can transform their stories.

“It doesn’t matter HOW he does it, it only matters that he will do it. He will give you the one who will stay,” Kambua declared with unwavering faith.

Her words resonate with empathy and understanding, offering solace and encouragement to those who may feel alone in their struggles.

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