Kamene Goro Addresses Pregnancy Rumours As Fans Notice Her Body Changes

Celebrated media personality Kamene Goro has given her respondse to rumors that she is pregnant. Fans made the speculastion about Kamene being pregnant following her noticeable body changes.

The well-known media personality refuted the allegations in an open update that covered many facets of her life, including her health.

Following her birthday celebrations, some online users noted her physical state and offered their own interpretation, which she later corrected. This led to the initial emergence of the reports, which she deemed insensitive.

She expressed her frustrations, pointing out that some people had implied that she was expecting a kid based on remarks they had seen about the way she had been walking on her birthday.

Kamene vs Fans

Even though Kamene wasn’t wishing to respond to the allegations, the radio presenter claims she was roped into the conversation inadvertently.

“Over the past week, I’ve seen a lot of comments, and speculation about how I was walking on my birthday, and it always goes back to the same outdated pretty insensitive conclusion that I’m pregnant. Like, come on guys.

“I said I would never respond but I feel I should because those sentiments are so unfounded and ignorant,” Kamene wrote.

Kamene claims that she’s still in the process of recovering from an operation that caused her altered gait earlier in the year.

“Remember in January I had surgery on my knee that had me in the hospital for 5 days. I haven’t walked in the long, it’s actually in the run-up to my birthday that I started to try walking without my crutches. It’s a difficult process to try to restore activity and muscle strength to the knee, that’s why I’m walking or waddling funny. It’s been such a difficult recovery honestly,” Kamene explained.

Apart from calling out fans, Kamene admonished them to seek the truth rather than depending on intuition & rumours.

“Anyway, what am I saying, before you talk from a point of ignorance and just verbal diarrhea all over my comments just find out what’s up, or even just ask.” Kamene added.

Kamene recently shared that she’s back to NRG radio as their new CEO. However, Kamene’s revelation came on Fool’s day; making it hard to believe whether it’s the truth or not.


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