Kamene Goro Celebrates 1st Marriage Anniversary With DJ Bonez

Radio personality Kamene Goro took to social media to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with DJ Bonez in a heartwarming post. Goro, known for her energetic on-air presence, shared her reflections on marriage, expressing her appreciation for love and support.

She acknowledged the challenges and rewards of finding the right partner, emphasizing the importance of companionship and mutual respect. Goro showered her husband DJ Bonez with gratitude, thanking him for his love, care, and unwavering support.

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The message extended to their close friends, Angela Mwasiaji and Jimy 254, who Goro described as constant sources of encouragement and inspiration. She also expressed appreciation for their silent supporters, concluding with a toast to “many more” years together.

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This celebratory post comes after Goro recently addressed online rumors about her pregnancy. She clarified that a recent surgery caused a change in her gait, sparking the unfounded speculation. Goro urged fans to be mindful of jumping to conclusions and to seek out factual information.

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